About Us

Kids in Harmony has created a fun and exciting environment for children to learn and grow. We believe that preschool should foster development in all areas of growth while preserving the uniqueness of each child.


Our Programs:
We concentrate on the following four developmental goals:


Social - Emotional growth:
Children will be encouraged to express their sense of individuality and to express their feelings to other children i.e., "That was the toy I was playing with and it made me sad when you took it away". This will help to create real friendships through playing cooperatively and learning to accept compromise with guidance from the teacher, "We can play together".


Intellectual development:
Children will work on their intellectual development through play and the assistant of their teacher.  We will help children become aware and recognize letters and numbers including their own name.  Calendar numbers, days of the week, rhyming, story telling, music and early literacy will be presented as a fun and engaging group activity during circle time.


Physical development:
We will encourage and help develop fine motor skills through hand eye coordination as children learn to manipulate clay, paint with various textures and tools and cut with scissors. While teachers are present for encouragement and support, your child's own creativity is their guidance. We do not stress the finished product, we encourage the creativity process.


Gross motor skills are developed through physical activity such as: Jumping, galloping, marching and skipping and playing with balls & bean bags. We encourage team work through many other physical activities such as parachute games, hula hoops, floor hockey & kick ball.


Creative Development:
Children will be guided by their own creativity while role playing, painting or building.  Individually or in a group we encourage them to use their own thoughts and goals in every classroom activity.